And away she goes……

Hi! I have no idea how many people will even see this, but I have thought for months about starting my own blog. I’m still in the process of figuring out what my entire genre of blogging will be about, as I don’t want to be tied down to just ONE topic ie cooking, momming, travels etc. Good thing because my cooking leaves a lot to be desired lol. I am a twenty- something (and holding) mom who is overwhelmed hard working and entirely too busy. But, I miss being able to learn and express myself through writing, and having that potential outlet.

With that being said, this year I have taken time to focus more on myself and trying to at least do a few things here or there when I have the time that I enjoy, and this will certainly be one of them. I am diving feet first into the WordPress community on a whim that in total took about an hour to research, pay, customize, and start my first post. I honestly haven’t blogged since Sophomore year in English 1102, and that was how our teacher graded certain assignments. But even then when given specifications, I found myself enjoying blogging along with the interaction of the web. Being able to read and access tons of topics with vast opinions and read everyones reactions and comments really can give you a lot of great insight on things.

Now back to self focus and introspection, I’m a very busy single mom. I work a lot and I commute a decent distance everyday from home. But I really want to focus on ways to let the stress be. So when I come home my home can be our happy place. In the past I have tried and failed, and this year started out a little rocky. Here lately I have been managing the stress a little better, but I would definitely like to focus on myself and being better as well as more stress free. If anyone has any recommendations on anything they have read that was helpful feel free to leave that in the comments that would be amazing!! ❤ 🙂

I look forward to seeing y’all soon!


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